• 5 Style Components In 5 Minutes: Mother’s Day

    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be seeking joy out of my closet at home. With that in mind, I hope the same for you. In the spirit of fun and style, I’ll pick 5 things to wear in 5 minutes. Of course, this is an honor system…

    I was reminded of Mother’s Day by an ad on instagram. The holiday eluded me this year. A day among many— one day in particular—too close to counting the days. But when recognizing it, I realized that it was something that was worth acknowledging. But also, something that in it’s own way, is worth indulging in.

    Last weekend, when the kids left the house for a bit, I texted my friend, “I’M GOING TO SIT AND READ A BOOK ON THE COUCH!” I was hopeful and ambitious, and of course, didn’t pull through. The truth is that I remain jealous of those who are able to cater corners to do nothing and something in their spare time. With two kids, school, work, and a house to keep, I am finding no such thing exists. I remain—as do many mothers that are like me—a revolving door of things to do (even when I try and ignore them).

    This Mother’s Day, with what I have and desire for myself and others, that may be floating off of the end of their seats lately, is a moment to get dressed, sit and read. Sounds phenomenal, doesn’t it? Not late at night, either. A middle of the day, curled on the couch, nothing to do kind of read. I’m looking forward. Until then, here’s my 5×5…

    A Doén Dress

    Vintage mules

    A mustard vintage buckle belt

    A red bandana

    and a good book

    How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day?

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