• Let’s Chat About My Shoulder Bag Obsession

    It’s the first week of fall and I’ve got much to show. For instance, the mess of vintage bags layered, tossed, and spread across the bottom of my closet floor (where they were once laid neatly). It is a sign of the times on many fronts. This summer I wore a large market tote almost every single day. From camp drop-offs to meetings, I tucked my computer somewhere in-between a water bottle, lipstick and a surplus of veggie sticks for potentially hangry kids. This fall already, it is the shoulder bag. It’s the kind of bag that may fit my small computer, and if not, I would wear despite this crucial piece.

    There’s the obvious time stamp of style, the general 90s fix of skinny boot cut jeans, slides, simple old-school tanks and shoulder bags to complete it. A look often worn frequently before the time of the wearers. And then there is the time stamp of motherhood. For several hours of the day I remain children-less. That is to say, bottle-less, diaper-less, wipe-less, and all of the less leaves more room (and mess, if you’re asking my closet).

    I’ve not purchased anything to escalate such an obsession–there is no need–a good rummage has sufficed. But here are some I found that are simple, functional, and sleek.

    + Everlane Boss Bag: They say it works from 9-5 and beyond, and I can’t stop thinking of my mom in the 90s with a very similar one. Pair it with loafers or chunky pumps, if you dare.

    + The Furla Hobo Bag: The model wears it in her hand, which I think is all sorts of wrong. It’s a mini version of an everyday shoulder bag, that brings me bag to all of the beloved COACH shoulder bags of the 90s as well. The options are endless, really.

    + Leather Tote: They have it listed as a tote, but I say it depends on who you ask. Judge for yourself!

    Do you have any beloved shoulder bags of your own? And if not, how are you feeling about them in general so many years later?

    (This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small comission.)

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