• April’s Words

    It’s an earth song,—
    And I’ve been waiting long for an earth song. 
    It’s a spring song,—
    And I’ve been waiting long for a spring song. 
        Strong as the shoots of a new plant 
        Strong as the bursting of new buds
        Strong as the coming of the first child from its mother’s womb. 
    It’s an earth song, 
    A body song, 
    A spring song, 
    I have been waiting long for this spring song. 

    An Earth Song | Langston Hughes

    (photograph by  Harry Gruyaert via Miss Moss)

  • February’s Words

    Dream Dust Gather out of star-dust            Earth-dust,            Cloud-dust,And splinters of hail,One handful of dream-dust            Not for sale. ~ Langston Hughes Harlem, New York, New York, June 1958.The LIFE Picture Collection

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  • Winter Community #1

    This year, in the spirit of community, I wanted to invite you (the reader) to share some words of your own on community! This space will turn ten this year, ...

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