• Try This: Make (And Paint) A Kids Bookshelf

    In one sitting, my hands can sort through a crisp roll of Ritz crackers. In that same sitting, my hands can type a few hundreds words, scroll through instagram, twist the curl on the nape of my neck around my index finger, pop up a can of LaCroix and wait for that sensational sizzle. In one sitting, with these hands, I can shop for a pour over kettle, try to catch up on the news, write a list of things I need to do and likely won’t get done until the end of the week. If left idle for too long (this week especially), the same hands will find themselves folding laundry to wonder and sit in a particular cluster of feelings, thoughts and realities. 

    After coming out and showing out, the sun has gone away and the rain soothes and cleanses, as it often does. And these hands still need something to do. I’m never quite sure if it’s because of my job or if it’s because of my nerves—maybe it’s a mix. While we are all unique, our circumstances in this country and the lack of things to do outside, makes us equally and uniquely the same. 

    With that, what to do with the hands? That is, what to do besides cleaning.

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  • November’s Words

    “….The solutions gravitate toward military intervention and/or internment—killing or jailing. Any gesture other than those two in this debased political climate is understood to be a sign of weakness. One ...

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