• Motherhood Right Now: Simple Train Adventures

    Maybe it’s as simple as riding the train… My kids have spent many hours riding the subway from one end of the city to the next, but in the summer, maybe the adventure is in just that? It is in not knowing just how long. Their minds, not quite set on hours and minutes from one location to the next. Mine, fascinated that I no longer teeter on the edge of discomfort when speaking of distance and kids. I look forward to an adventure like this, simple and expansive.

    Two weeks ago, for the last day of school, we found ourselves taking a long ride to Rockaway Beach to meet friends. On that train, they stood up, holding the pole, occasionally smacking their warmed cheeks to the smeared windows. The orange seats illuminated their faces- as if some light went off in their heads. Their tans already so visibile, their scooters, wobbly and their backpacks full of gadgets they may need for digging and clothes for changing. They took notice to the water and the bridges, the way the buildings seem to dissapear the closer you get to the beach. They paid close attention to the shuttle and the timing, and the flow and brakes of it all.

    Last week, we took another train, three hours to the North Fork of Long Island. They made due, once again. There were snacks, and seat hoping. There were games played and future adventures dreamed up. Oak re-braided my hair on the right side. River, did the left side. They watched through the windows as the grass raised and lowered and there were no buildings in site.

    We’re home now, and yes, there’s so much that happend in Rockaway and Long Island, that will keep them company for years, but I think much of it will be the long and simple adventure rides, from one part of New York to the next.

    Any simple adventures with your kids of your own?

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