• A Look At My Friendsgiving

    We are just a few days away from Thanksgiving, which kicks off the holiday buzz in many homes. I’ve already kicked it off with a celebration of my very own! Last weekend, with dear friends, I hosted a Friendsgiving in my apartment. I spent the week prior keeping my apartment nice and clean, so that the day of only consisted of cooking, music, and dancing with the kids. I joked that I cooked enough to make up for the fact that I hardly cooked this year. But truthfully, it was a rare and welcomed cooking experience. Every dish seemed seemless, the kids were in the best moods, and my friends provided their own dishes, desserts and wine to compliment things I already provided.

    I know many of you are already putting finishing touches on your menus and ordering the last bit of groceries. That’s not the case for me this year. Besides last weekend’s Friendsgiving, I’m not hosting. I have a relaxing day of being present with the kids, walking, crafting, and stopping by a friend’s after a nap, planned. Friendsgiving turned out to be more than enough for me.

    Here’s photos of the evening…

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