• Do You Have A Voting Day Plan?

    We are just a few weeks out from the election, and as someone who needs plans to move through life a bit, I wanted to hear about yours! These days, plans seem like big lessons in letting go. But if my body and mind knows it needs to show up in a certain way at a certain time, my day goes all the more smooth and I can be more open to the way it unfolds in and out of those plans. 

    Here’s my plan:

    + I want to wake up that morning, play oldies and make pancakes with the kids. I want to be as intentional as possible. So that also includes meditating and steering away from the news.

    + I am training to be a poll worker, so if that finishes out well, I’ll get dressed for a long and comfortable day (I love Erin’s, make believe here), after making sure I vote!

    + I am hoping for pizza and wine on the stoop for dinner with a friend. I’ll be too nerve-wracked to do bedtime (if I’m being honest), so I plan to have the night off from that end of things.

    + After dinner and wine on the stoop I want to watch the news with my sister on FaceTime, for however long we can manage.

    My overall goal for the day is intention, strength, and community. I also promised myself it will be okay if all or nothing goes as planned. It’s life right now! If you have any plans, I’d love to hear!

    P.S Check your voter registration right here!

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