• Start Here: 5 Sustainable Tips For Your Consideration

    There are many reasons why one may look at the bulk of their life when a new year arrives. This new year feels like it arrived with a unique urgency, calling for a much larger consideration and overall change. One fire after the next, without much movement by our elected officials, makes it all the more worse. In truth, we need them. We need laws that back science. While you’re gearing up to hopefully vote with the climate crisis in mind—a crisis that affects the poor and people of color at greater lengths than any other community—we wanted to share some things for your consideration. Today, Anja, who works in fashion and sustainability by day (and moonlights as a writer, by night) shares 5 things to consider as you start the year. LaTonya


    Take a second to think back to 20 years ago, to what life was like before we all became Amazon Prime Citizens and ordered delivery meals daily from restaurants in just two touches of the iPhone.

    A lot of what keeps us from living sustainability is the basic and justifiable desire for convenience….

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  • Friday’s Inspiration

    I’m currently listening to Florence + the Machine while the kids play doctor. Typing, crossed ankles, fingers up and down and between one another, a braided body. I’m currently woven ...

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