• So, Sweats Have Many Lives…

    Have you been getting dressed lately? What are you grabbing? Last week I wrote something of a defense of getting dressed. And today, I must confess, more times than not, I’m grabbing the fanciest sweats I own. They cut right above the knee. They have a seam right in the middle, and can be worn high above the belly-button for tucked in turtlenecks or oversized blouses. The work at night when I’m shifting gears from teacher, to writer back to mom.

    One early evening a few weeks back, I wore the entire set, tucked in at first, then out. I slid on loafers and put on a purse from my friend, Samantha. My orange beret made it feel particulary fancy, and when the night cooled and I had to make one more social distanced run for something I forgot, I was taken back by how good it looked layered with a trench and sneakers.

    In conversations lately, it isn’t just about what you’re wearing at home, or if you’re getting dressed, it’s also about what fashion brands are worth the support….

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  • A Satur (Day) Movie

    The other day while on the phone, collectively freaking out about what to do with our children and social distancing, my sister reminded me of Eve’s Bayou. Social distancing seems ...

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  • A Spring Poem

    A blue–bell springs upon the ledge,A lark sits singing in the hedge;Sweet perfumes scent the balmy air,And life is brimming everywhere.What lark and breeze and bluebird sing, Is Spring, Spring, ...

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