• What Mama Wears!

                                       *What Mama Wears is the first series of many on this here blog of mine!

    This Sunday was a day full of fun, firsts, and family. We spent most of the day running around in our little co-op car. I call it a co-op car, because it really isn’t ours. We just have the lovely opportunity to share in it’s enjoyment while Peter’s cousin/ River’s Godfather travels back and forth from New Orleans and NYC. The amount of things we get done with a car is astonishing. In one day we had to run morning errands, get Peter’s haircut, go to a birthday party, drop me off at a styling job (cue my jumping for excitement), pick me back up, and lastly, go for a food HAUL at our local Trader Joe’s. By local I mean a 30 minute car ride. more TJ’S in Brooklyn please! 

    When I know I am going to have full days like Sunday, I almost always throw on a skirt. For me, you can’t go wrong with a long flowy skirt. You get that much needed comfort, but you also get that sense of class. Personally, I yearn for that sense of class on the weekends (that’s a whole other blog). If you are a size zero or plus size, you can still rock this comfy staple. Long skirts have endless possibilities.
                                                         This is what Mama wore:
                            1. My favorite custom designed earrings from Brooklyn Charm!
                                                            2.Vintage cardigan
                                                    3.Basic quarter sleeve top from H & M
                                                    4. Vintage skirt bought from Croassroads
                                                            5.. Saltwater sandals
    P.S I’ve finally figured out some Photoshop stuff. Thanks husband!
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