• Over the Weekend


    How was your weekend? Ours was fantastic. I’ll admit I was a intsy bit spoiled with a whole three day weekend with Peter. We even got to treat ourselves to a date night at NiteHawk Cinemas, where we enjoyed a dinner and a movie at the same time. Yes, there were waiters serving us food, while we were watching a movie! I don’t know why it took so long for someone to develop this, but it’s freaking awesome.

    Here are some photos I managed to capture this weekend. It was full one! Saturday we went to Prospect Park for a birthday picnic, Sunday we went to church with some new friends, who were so sweet to treat us to lunch after, and Monday we took my nephew Seon and River to Brooklyn Bridge Park. When I think about it, we didn’t pay for any of the fun we had this weekend. And we sure did have lots of it. That’s pretty encouraging.

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     1.   That’s a Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids Sun hat  2. A Vintage Carters Romper- Got Cherry Fizz?  3. A pair of saddle shoes from The Children’s Place 

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