• Throwback Thursday?

    Eh hem. Did someone say it was throwback Thursday? Truthfully, I usually don’t participate do to the fact I’d rather laugh, than be laughed at. But, I just couldn’t resist! My sweet husband. 
    Be still my heart!
  • What mama wears

    Every time a new season arrives, I always attempt to change my personal style a bit. I recommend this to all my friends and clients. This summer, I find that I ...

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  • Over the Weekend

      How was your weekend? Ours was fantastic. I’ll admit I was a intsy bit spoiled with a whole three day weekend with Peter. We even got to treat ourselves ...

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  • Yay or Nay?

    Almost a year ago, Peter and I sent a few photos of River to a top modeling agency. We had no expectations, just thought she was the most beautiful baby, ...

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  • That’s love

    After finishing a job last night, I came home at around 10pm to this.  In a marriage there are many things that you expect from your partner. Having Peter vacuum, ...

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  • Prospect Park

    Living in New York City definitely has its ups and downs. Sometimes, I feel swallowed up… a number amongst many. Then there are days like Sunday. Sunday, reminded me why ...

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