• That’s love

    After finishing a job last night, I came home at around 10pm to this. 

    In a marriage there are many things that you expect from your partner. Having Peter vacuum, and baby wear after working a 10-hour shift was not one of them. This was THE best surprise ever! Though still very shocking and weird. 
    Personally, we both have been weighing options about our careers, and the likely hood of us one day switching places… or, sort of switching places. It’s been a long thought process, and in the end makes total sense when we account for Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and things of that nature. Certain things need to be in the works first, before we can even seriously make moves. Like most people we want stability, but also want to accomplish our goals. Though, with a wee one to account for, stability will always be first. Cheers to responsibility!
    In the meantime, if I ever had a shadow of a doubt that he would be an astonishing -semi- stay at home Papa, that doubt is now diminished.  Turns out the next morning River was in much higher spirits. She was eating, reading, and even fell asleep on time at 6:30pm despite having stayed up late the night before. I guess lovies from Papa was the remedy.

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