• A little nook

    This Saturday was a rare occasion. One in which we found ourselves in our pajamas deep in the afternoon, we reminisced about our days as a childless couple, we piled up dish after dish in our poor sink, and we oohed and aahed at River’s frequent singing sessions (she’s pretty hilarious). When we finally mustered up enough energy to clean, we found ourselves rearranging the whole apartment to accommodate Peter’s new endeavor as a freelancer. In between moving, and sweating we stopped to relax, read, and of course put our 7D to work. Here’s some shots of our Saturday and our new little reading nook. 

    See on this rare occasion all we needed was each other, and with the current whirlwind of events lately, well… we found ourselves unexplainably happy. 
    Out came a little bay window nook, and I have to say: it’s pretty popular already. I think we are all excited about comfy cuddles on that high pile rug, and my personal favorite, morning coffees in that little seat. 
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