• A Tuesday Thank You

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken time out to read this blog! I read each and every comment and email. I wish I could reply to each, but sometimes it’s hard to do (time never seems to be on my side). Just know that I am reading, and I am smiling. I feel so touched and beyond honored that you even feel the need to read about parts of my life, and my family’s life. 🙂

     Fall is coming, and it’s my favorite season to get dressed for, which means more style posts on this bloggity blog. So if you have any special requests about what you would like to read more about on this little corner of the internet, please feel free to shoot me a email or write a comment.


  • What River Rocks

    Her “baby’ had to be apart of this photo shoot also. Lets give baby a round of applause for showing up naked. 😉 You can find a similar shirt here ...

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  • A Smoothie Holiday

    Instead of going out and getting ourselves in all sorts of Labor Day trouble this year, we decided to be boring and make sweet, delicious smoothies. Though we both recognize ...

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  • To my sister

    Today, you made me cry, I’ve realized something about you that I’ver never had the honor of realizing before, you are absolutely, positively, breathtakingly amazing. Of course, no one seems ...

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