• Sweet summer

    It’s something about those spontaneous summer nights. I tend to look forward to them more than I do a visit to the beach or local pool. Don’t get me wrong, with good friends and funny babies most things are painfully fun, but it’s just something about a summer night. Maybe it’s because the weather had decided to give us a break and drop to 80 something degrees instead of 100, or it’s the fact that I can throw back on some makeup without looking like a shiny and melting version of my normal self. Whatever it is, I love the kind of night that we had yesterday.  There wasn’t too much wine…just enough, delicious food, husband’s geeking out in the man cave over drumming, babies playing, and no shortage of conversation.  I’m late, but it officially feels like summer to me now. Yeah!

  • A little nook

    This Saturday was a rare occasion. One in which we found ourselves in our pajamas deep in the afternoon, we reminisced about our days as a childless couple, we piled ...

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  • Hey strangers!

    This is  River in the bath tonight, and she sure could stay in there until she is all soggy and prune like. There is always a tantrum upon exiting, and ...

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  • A Goodbye

    *Photo taken on my iPhone while waiting for my now freelancing husband to end a last minute meeting. By the time you guys read this, I will be Virginia bound ...

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