• What WE wear

    This style post is a bit different than what I usually do. When I first started this blog, River Mae had her very own style post at least once a week. Unfortunately, we had to stop due to the arrival of toddler hood. We hit the stage where we would stop to take a photo for a quick second and River would be dashing toward the street with full force. Thankfully that time has passed, and not only is she safe, but she is always ready to flash a big smile, pose, and say “cheee” for the camera. So hopefully you like lots of toddler style photos ‘cuz they are coming. 🙂
    I usually don’t have chicken scratch for hand writing but I write loopy and gigantic, and it doesn’t mesh well with this tablet. Hopefully we will be getting along soon. 

    Footnote: I’ve worn this dress many of times. It’s actually one of my favorites. 

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