• Summer days

    The days of summer seem long, with endless oppurtunities. The weeks, well, they seem short. I never seem to know whether it’s Monday or Thursday, and sometimes that bothers me, most times not. I like waking up looking at the weather, packing a lunch box for the whole day, and making impromptu play dates with old friends and new. Knowing that stroller naps are a “norm” with us, and a diaper can be changed anywhere, and there’s plenty of food and coffee to be devoured all over the city, aids in our explorations. Also, the realization, that time is fleeting, and the seasons are bound to change, makes us enjoy this summer even more.

  • Treasure Hunting

    In between the rain, naps, and Peter staying home to edit, I’ve been able to sneak in some well deserved time out by myself. Of course, it’s not spent getting ...

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  • Bits&Pieces

    This weekend we did it a bit different; there weren’t any papas around. Just a couple of mamas exploring different parts of New York City on Saturday and on Sunday. Our ...

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  • A wee kitchen will do

    Hi guys! How was your weekend and Monday? I mostly spent this weekend celebrating my birthday, and I should say that this was the best birthday I’ve had. I always ...

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