As of lately, there is something ridiculously refreshing about Mondays to me. While most people seem to avoid the day in it’s entirety, I look forward to it. Even as a full-time stay at home mom, I didn’t look forward to Mondays (though I didn’t particularly despise them either), everyday just seemed like one in the same; packed and devoted to fun and my little wee. This Monday in particular is a reminder that my little baby is no longer a baby, and turned a whole 19 months yesterday! This Monday, means there is just a little less time with my not-so-much-a-baby-anymore toddler, which means, more time outdoors, seeking out as many adventures as we can on days we are together. I have a couple of projects that need finishing; the play kitchen, a chalkboard wall, some work stuff (my company), fall shopping, a little house decorating here and there, and some business cards that need to be finalized and set off to the printers.


     Well, hello you refreshing Monday you!


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