• Moments| 01

    Here are a few snaps of various moments in motherhood & childhood lately. We haven’t picked up the camera for a while (except for the style posts), so it’s been great to get back into it and catch these. I never really liked taking pictures or being the subject of a photo until I met Peter. He always had a camera handy, and he made me fall in love with capturing the little things. Little things that could totally be washed away with the day’s events, or just simply forgotten. We’ve ben organizing our little home lately, and that means organizing all of the photos we took while dating and during River’s first few years. There’s been lots of smiles, tears, and talks about how it all has passed by way too fast. In the end, I’m thankful for a man who encourages me to snap a few of my favorite moments. One day Oak will be a toddler and River will be a kid, and the photos we snapped will be a piece of the past. I’m so thankful for a good memory, but I’m so very thankful for that darn camera.

    -The both of us caught dosing off.
    -Real babies and fake babies, she’s in baby heaven. A little mama.
    -Her smile right before she runs off to play at the park.
    -Tiny napping toes