• A visit to the fair. Horses, pumpkins and babies were there!

    Over the weekend my sister and I took our two kids to the fall fair. It was a quick morning visit, and it was so much fun! I love seasonal events, but I think I love free seasonal events just a tad bit more. haha.
    There were crafts, folk music, ponies, and pumpkins, oh and lots and lots of kids. It was actually kind of funny. I went there with my sister, but I ran into all of my mama friends while there. We all jokingly complained about our toddlers running from activity to activity without slowing down and without wondering where their mamas’ where(?!). My sister on the other hand just sat back and watched her sweet big boy play quietly and nicely. Kinda jealous, but since River is almost two it gives me a lot of nice things to look forward to when she turns four.

    You can read more about the fair here. It was put on by a local mama. You go girl!

    Question, what do you all like most about fall? Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. 😉


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