• Random thoughts, plus a shop SALE!

    Random thoughts 
    My mirror is so dirty
    I need to remind myself to have my second coffee before River wakes from nap
    My house is a mess. 
    Tyra Banks taught me how to “smile with my eyes”. It’s a work in progress.
    I was once on the Tyra Banks show. You remember that show? Totally didn’t remember ’till just now.
    I like that the sun wakes Peter up now. Not me. Thank you sun.
    River has learned how to say “pweasee!” “help?!” “need help!” My heart is melting as I type this
    And goodness, we have finally set a month to move. Not a date. Just a month. 
    Saying adios to this apartment in March!
    And now the fun stuff! 
    I have so many beautiful pieces I want to add to the shop. But I don’t have space! So here’s a sale for ya! I will be doing a photo shoot for the shop this weekend for all the new pieces we have. And the holidays have me feeling a little generous. I feel a giveaway coming for you sweet readers!

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