• The Sling Diaries {Changing Seasons}

    *River and I taking an early morning coffee walk in our Sakura Bloom sling

    River and I, oh and Peter too (papa baby wears a lot), are so excited to be a part of Volume II of the Sling Diaries-Changing Seasons!  The Sling Diaries is a awesome photo-documentery project that follows the lives of 15 baby wearing mamas via Pinterest and their personal blogs. I am so honored to be a part of this, and beyond excited to share what I come up with each month. I am even more excited to connect and follow along with the other mommy bloggers and see how they baby wear their littles. You can read more about the project on Marvelous Kiddo, and follow along here, here, and here.


  • Change is good.

    Hey guys! We are making some changes over here on this side of the screen. So please don’t mind all the craziness that might be happening on your side. It ...

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  • We’re Back!

     As I cracked opened my window, that quickly let in the hard wind that brushed across my smiling cheek, as I happily listened to the taxis honk, the sirens run ...

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  • Up..Up..and Away we go!

    Yes, finally we are leaving the city. Not to move, but for a quick trip to decompress and refocus. We aren’t going far, just to Pennsylvania  Actually, Pennsylvania seems like a another world ...

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  • What Mama Wears

    How was your weekend? I spent Sunday running a few errands, and enjoying some Chipotle with my little family, as our house was being deep cleaned. We’ve totally given up ...

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  • A few thrifted things

    I’d like to share a few things I’ve thrifted in the past few days with you. I’ve been outrageously motivated by my job’s new weekend wardrobe requirements  We now have a ...

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