• Over the weekend!

    I woke up this morning happy, happy, happy! It could be the fact, that I have a exciting phone conference this afternoon, or, that Peter’s birthday is in just six days! Maybe, it’s because Peter has a hopeful meeting this week, oh, or, it could be because we our having a garden party this weekend. I just love planning parties. So yeah, I have lots of reasons to be happy, happy, happy. Sick of me yet?

    Saturday, River and I spent the day mostly in our apartment, trying to catch up on some lost sleep. She played catch up, I didn’t. When will I learn to sleep when she’s sleeping? Also, my mom came for a visit, and River Mae was asleep the entire time. I definitely needed that personal time. It feels good to feel like a little girl; getting 100% of my mommy’s attention.  It was perfection. Sunday, I was invited as press to review Frolic! Rock Fest, which took place on the pier in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It never gets old to me-being called press and all. I was invited by Carey from Frolic!, and I should tell you, I’ve never met a smarter and sweeter business woman. They’re far and few between in New York City. It shouldn’t be.

    We danced, painted, road rides, my skirt flew up a few times… lots of times, and we enjoyed complimentary beers and food. Yeah, I told you being called press never gets old. Free. Me like. I will be writing a review on this event for Brooklyn Mamas Network this week, so please feel free to click on the link to the right, for an in depth review. If you live in New York City, then please make a well deserved visit to Frolic! They’re pretty fantastic over there.

    Okay, now it’s time to thoroughly enjoy a long walk in the rain, with iced coffee in hand to River’s Monday music class. Ohhh, that also makes me happy, happy, happy.

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