• A Million Words For Today

    How are you feeling today? I have a million words swirling in my head. And in reality, there are a million words one could share today. They can post or move on. Or let the work of Dr. King (and those that came because and after him), fuel their life’s work and honest advocacy and activisim. They can allow it to help them seek a greater truth, and resist the temptation to remain neutral in the world we expereience today.

    I know that part of my existence as a black woman is part of my work, my own resistance and activism. It is also in writing, sharing and carving important corners for community on and off the screen. It is also very much in raising children, and the many lessons I have woven into them and will do as they get older.

    I think about Dr. King’s letter in the Birmingham jail often. I read it (like many do) on this day, and when the nudge to not follow my own ethical or moral compass comes along. More-so, when I rightfully question that of others.

    A few weeks back, my friend shared this short and powerful quote of Dr. King’s and it’s something I hope people keep close this year. While the Birmingham letter and every single thing he said mattered, maybe these words are for you too…

    “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

    Here’s to hoping everyone is challenging themselves, seeking truth, standing up, learning, teaching, and of course, organizing this year.

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