• An Ode To Cozy Sweaters On Chilly Work Days

    From my desk, a chill reaches my spine. On my feet, fuzzy slippers attempt to keep me warm. The Daily plays on loop as white noise, weighing out the rotating sound of zoom meetings, crumpling paper, and kids chattering through this apartment. Wooden floors carry several small toes and even more voices. I’ve got a good few hours at this desk of mine, in this very autumnal room, and I’d like for it to be the most comfortable. Of course, this can be the desk itself, but I’m talking about smaller purchases that are like tiny investments; cozy slippers worn out of sight in meetings and chunky sweaters for tall backs for the coldest room in the joint. 

    I don’t need much. Heck, I don’t want much either. But in the spirit of sharing, and allowing my body and mind to accept the things I can not change, I am leaning into what maybe is needed that we have yet to truly broach. Just yesterday, both the kids said that they’d also love warmer socks or fuzzy slippers for comfort during their days around home this season. I agree. 

    Clothes, slight forms of comfort in corners that I have yet to fully give my attention to, provide quite the support to get through. It seems silly, and the theme of this week seems to be shaping up as one of persisting, and so that’s where I’d like to meet myself and you too.

    Can clothes do that? Well, I am certain they can at least help. 

    Things To Consider:

    + A Ruffle-Neck Pullover over a basic t-shirt or your favorite summer dress.

    + heather gray Vara Slipper that feel cozy and chic

    + a mint green boat neck sweater

    + and worth-the-penny cozy pair for the kids

    Are you grabbing a cozy sweater lately ? If so, why is it your favorite?

    (Photography via Doén. Heads up: This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission.)