• Friday’s Inspiration

    Currently, the kittens are sitting on the window, watching and waiting for the sun to go down. They sit. They lay. They roll over. They switch their position. When the sun moves slightly, they don’t move, almost-always-sensing something wonderful will arrive in its place. At times, it’s a bird sitting bravely atop the bush. Other times, there’s a rolling suitcase, or a dog barking in excitement in the distance. Sharing my 3 pm hour with the kittens and their ways, makes me a bit more present with the sounds around me.

    I flew from Lisbon, Portugual to New York. Moving from one place to the next, and thinking an awful lot about a life of ease and less. My obsession with it made me uncomfortable. Discomfort is a necessary place.

    This weekend, we celebrate Oak’s 5th year around the sun. There’s black fabric from a designer friend, waiting to be cut into ninja masks for little friends as gifts, and paper cupcake holders saved from a class party’s trash. Tonight, I’ll blast Solange and drink wine, and attempt cupcakes with oreos on top. I’ll cut the watermelon, pack the snacks, and prepare for a morning in the sun with water and laughter. I’m feeling really thankful and inspired by the simple stuff this week.


    Sonia Sanchez,


    Everyday wear,

    reading for your consideration (if you have yet to),



    a window in..

    and a best seller

    Have a great weekend!

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