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LaTonya Yvette, the blogger and stylist behind the eponymous site, is unapologetically candid about life’s trials, including motherhood, love, death, and racism. Her first book, Woman of Color, is part memoir, part lifestyle guide—packed with moving essays, gorgeous original and archival photographs, and practical style and beauty advice. At the very heart, though, it’s about LaTonya’s experience growing up as a woman of color in Brooklyn.

Each beautifully designed chapter covers a different topic—the meaning behind her name, how vitiligo has shaped her definition of beauty, her childhood hairstyles, raising her children as a 20-something mom—and ends with thoughtful advice and lifestyle takeaways like how to tie a headwrap or incorporate new, bold colors into your wardrobe. Woman of Color is real life, real style for women from all walks of life. In it, LaTonya has written a love letter to women, filling this book with vulnerable, imperfect truths from a black woman blogger, a voice not often seen on bookstore shelves.

On sale April 23, 2019—pre-order your copy today!


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Dear readers,

Thank you all for your constant support and love on this journey. I am so excited that Woman Of Color is finally here!! This has been a long journey, and I couldn’t be happier to share the cover and title with you. Thank you for sharing this with me and my family, and truly being the best group of people I could ask for as readers and friends. A big thank you to all of the hands that helped with this project, and for my children for being so patient as I worked on it. Nothing means more to me than seeing you and celebrating this with you, as it unfolds this spring. I love you. #WOCTheBook

with love,