LaTonya Yvette, was born in Brooklyn, New York, where she was raised and based this blog. She founded LY in 2012 initially as a family blog then grew it into a lifestyle space that focused on family, style, wellbeing, and culture. The blog ended in 2021 after nine successful years, with a dedicated community. Currently, LaTonya is the steward of The Mae House, an upstate home she owns which is a low turn-over rental. It is also a residency for rest for BIPOC. Since closing this blog in 2021, LaTonya published The Hair Book which she co-authored with Amanda Jane Jones, and finished her third book, Stand In My Window, which is set to be published by Dial Press in 2024. In the meantime, she freelances for various companies and brands, and writes essays on culture and wellbeing over on her substack, With Love, L.

We’re so thankful for the love and support over the years!