The Mae House: Kids Den Dreaming

The kids den was finished with the hands of girlfriends this winter. Cobwebs were removed, paint was touched-up, drawers were lined with contact paper found within the old house. Months later, the swing was hung up, the curtain was finished, and the paint blotches on the floor were cleaned by yours truly.

Over the last few months, the room has shifted into a gathering space and more importantly, a meditation room. It is a favorite hiding space, a healing space, a collective space.

Here’s a list of things I dreamed up of putting in that now lives there:

+ contact paper as refreshers for old cabinets

+ a hand-woven floor pillow for sitting in corners near window

+ a pampa swing for looking good and for slight swinging c/o apt deco.

+ a pendant lamp for a pop of color, play, and function.

+ fabric as curtains via many moons

+ and of course, a collection of books for reading, gathering, and being by BIPOC including a last stop, hair.

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