Winter Community #1

This year, in the spirit of community, I wanted to invite you (the reader) to share some words of your own on community! This space will turn ten this year, and I see no better way to kick off the tenth year with words from those who return to this space. Here’s our first post of the series. As always, thank you for being here.


I find myself stumbling across online reviews where people share shockingly raw anecdotes. They sign off as “anonymous reviewer” or “that west coast gal.” During the peak of quarantine, I read clothing reviews with shared confessions justifying atypical purchases of monochromatic sweatsuits. The five Amazon reviewers on a book about British artist Sarah Lucas remind me that at least five other individuals are also fascinated by her work. Of all the websites to land on in the twenty-first century, we happen to be commenting on the same page.

I often escape my desk for a long bike ride during the afternoons. The blur of people I pass on my bike all happen to venture outdoors at the same time as me. 

In these daily habits, a shared impulse is acted upon. 

As I navigate my twenties, I’m aware of the constant shuffle of people, environments, and headlines. But the rhythm of our daily routines creates stability, and communities form, often where we don’t expect them. Sometimes that elusive feeling you get, the one that makes you feel part of a collective on any scale, at any moment, is enough.

Yuna Shin, Seattle, 22

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      Thanks Laurie!

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