The Mae House: Blue Room Dreaming

The blue room has no official name as of yet. But it has been incredibly easy calling it the blue room, since its walls, its borders, even the fabric that will find itself on the bunk beds will be some shade of blue. The way the room has evolved has been as layered as the tones that encompass it. From a tiny now removed, and bunk beds that call children, but really fit adults as queen and twin xl beds, vintage school desk chairs and swirly night stands. The blue room has been slowly coming together, more than most of the rooms. Just last week I took a nice brass nail and banged it into the wall before the sun went down. Hello old, new, blue friend, until next visit.

Like most rooms, it has me dreaming, so here’s the list:

+ A hand loomed ivory rug to stretch across a white wooden floor.

+ A table fan for hot summer days and styling in the winter.

+ Bedside candlestick holders from Harlem to upstate from The Oma Shop.

+ A hanging zebra head once hung in Brooklyn for play, but also for some life.

+ Colorful candles for early evenings to light up the space.

+ And of course, a stack of books on love and community to keep.

More dreaming posts right this way!

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One thought on “The Mae House: Blue Room Dreaming

  • Reply katherine January 6, 2022 at 10:10 am

    I know it’s not the official name but love the name blue room, especially imagining all those layered shades of blue. Such coziness vibes!

    And that hand loomed ivory rug is a beauty. .

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