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I’ve been falling down rabbit holes of my little kids doing little things. Yesterday, I watched a video of O playing with Legos I carefully stored in plastic bins three different times. Those Legos now sit in a woven basket beside our sofa, rarely, seeing the light of a small hand. I watched videos of River and Oak playing with action figures just three years ago, down our building’s hallway. O followed River along on some imaginary path. It has been wonderful and heartbreaking to revisit these old playful videos. The Silk Road of parenting and play slips, criss crossed in their worlds and on their floor, doesn’t happen as much. These days, they still like to dress up, and lately their imagination is so elaborate, I become an audience member propped on the couch with my mythical popcorn. 

On their list of things to play with, includes sewing kits and jewelry, and stuff pandas. Nothing of blocks and legos, and even, the beloved action figure. At any rate, the opportunity to play still abounds. It is just slightly different. Chopping vegetables, detailed card games, and books where play is eternal. 

No matter if your child is three or ten, here’s our final gift guide, Pantomime! 

A subscription to a kids magazine with a beautiful message between its pages.

A recycled sled making post Christmas snow days all the more playful for your daughter.

Kid friendly wooden knives and a super simple cooking book for kids for your son.

A download of the Brooklyn Public Library app for your 1st grader, whose love of books can also extend to iPad play with a press of a button and a listen.

A gift of bubbles in their stocking and a gently wrapped bath toy with no holes and no mold!

No more Legos? No problem. Balancing blocks for inquisitive minds and hands.

Fun sneakers to run, jump and imagine!

A book to read together as a reminder now and forever, that they can do anything! And a book for the spring (!!) as a reminder that no matter their hair, they’re welcome everywhere!

A creative evening creating and playing together, with what may be at home.

A beautiful jump rope for early evenings to get the wiggles out.

A SHARK alarm clock for the kid who is obsessed with time.

A DIY bead kit for hours upon hours of adorning.

A gift card to their favorite summer field trip as something to look forward to.

The opportunity to play freely and safely is one we don’t take for granted today or any day. If you’re looking to give the gift of play, you can donate to the YMCA, an organization we love and support. The YMCA is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities. You can donate to the Y right this way.

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2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Pantomime

  • Reply katherine December 12, 2021 at 6:05 am

    What an inspired list. Literally want everything on it for the kiddos and for myself. Can’t wait for The Hair Book to come out in Spring. Thank you LaTonya!

    • Reply latonya December 17, 2021 at 1:32 pm

      Thank YOU!!!!

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