Friday’s Inspiration: Less Is Lasting, Apparently.

Today was one of those strange days that turned out to be just what I needed. The laundry was dry in the morning, the groceries arrived on time, and I had seven deep hours of sleep. By the time I woke up, the sun was shining the brightest it had in a long time. The emails didn’t fill my boxes, and my coffee stayed hot throughout my entire video therapy session. Earlier in the week, things felt heavy and hopeless for too many reasons to count. One being, the news within the flux of life. Things change, day by day, and hour by hour. Like this afternoon, an opening in my day led me to my friend’s new place where I got my first haircut for the first time in a long time at the hands of someone else. My fro is blown out, my desire to chop it off had dissipated. I’m feeling lighter, but more than that, my presentness in how life could simply take and give in any moment was abundantly clear. 

There’s a new moon tonight. If we’re lucky, we get to sow seeds and shed a few necessary layers. Something like the hair I left on the floor of Rubi’s salon. Wishing you a weekend of all things merry and bright, and possibly, a weekend with a lighter lift than normal. 

This photo is of a brownie “cake” I made for Oak’s birthday two years ago. Last night over dinner, he was saying it was his BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER. Please keep in mind that he had this fancy whale cake for his 6th birthday. AND this confetti cake this year! It’s honestly the perfect lesson for this gift giving season. Less often leaves a lasting memory.

Here’s a few things that inspired me this week!

I remember photos like these of Venus and Serena.

The news this week was NOT good. EXCEPT! THIS!!!! GO STACEY.

Wow. “Coinciding with the rise of repurposed fabrics and visible mending, the Amsterdam-based design studio Peterson Stoop is combating waste in one vector of the fashion industry. The company, which was founded by Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop in 2013, salvages worn shoes otherwise destined for landfill”

The new must-have Black-Owned cookware at Target. We’re eyeing the air fryer!

Feeling this deeply after last week’s letter. The parallels.

New coats for my two kiddos that last years and years, made green, with beautiful designs.

“Despite the trauma our seeds have endured, they plow forward. The ground cherries, sunflowers, and chokeberry all had found me in my moment of need and together we are able to heal. The seeds I sow today are brimming with resistance, resilience, and unconditional love.”

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