What To Wear When: You Unearth Your Bell-Bottoms

I’ve been in this mood lately where I have been digging through my old stuff. It’s not the garments I wore last year or the year before. The digging dates back to years ago, where clothes have stories that are attached to little babies, and not big kids. It may have something to do with what I discussed in my newsletter. All of this digging led me to a handful of bell-bottoms I used to wear religiously. For a while, I wore them almost exclusively with tucked in tops and short leather jackets. Eventually, I transitioned to more of a 70s feel with long jackets and clogs. Lately, I am trying to find the sweet space between those two looks and who I am now.

Here’s how it looks…

I’ve been wearing my bell-bottoms with sneakers, since the person I am now desires comfort over pretty much all else. Here are few bell-bottoms options if you’re in the mood:

DL 1961 Jeans | mid-wash with a retro inspired silhouette | Frame Flare | A 1970s pair of Levis

Do you have any bell-bottoms in your closet worth dusting off?

(Photography by Kelsey Cherry for LY. If you choose to purchase something, we may earn a small commission. As always, thank you for supporting our small business)

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