The Mae House: Guest Bath Dreaming

In the day, a brisk 50 feels cozy and warm. But in the evening, the temperatures dip well below 34 already. It has taken me a good amount of labor to turn off my brain at night. With an entire renovation happening two and a half hours away from me, I tend to ruminate about it and its details often. But dreaming, helps. Just as I dreamed up the place, it has been part of my processing to dream up spending days and nights, in the revamped rooms. When it comes to what I’ve been dreaming of lately, it’s been long evening baths with a heavy body under soap suds for the most part. I’ve been placing plants on vintage stools and linens with delicate lace on a brass hooks in the corners of my brain. Candles, robes, and rest, abounds.

In the interest of creating what we, I, most want, here’s another dreaming post for your viewing pleasure.

+ A candle for evening flickering

+ Toilet paper from a Black-owned company

+ A basket to go on a vintage stool for all of those old linens

+ Towels to hang across new tubs

+ A print titled magnolia, because there is one magnolia tree that grows in Brooklyn

+ Soft touch bath set because honestly, it matters.

+ A plant for sun bathing and other kinds

+ And a robe for comfort during those long chilly nights


A garden, a community den, and the house in general

Anything you’ve been dreaming up lately now that fall is here?

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