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How are you feeling at the top of this week? On Sunday we watched the 50th New York City marathon. Around 30,000 runners hit the chilly 26.2 mile pavement. For years, we’ve made signs, pushed out our hands for drive-by high fives, and shouted until we could no longer. And last year, when it was canceled because of the pandemic, the absence of it was palpable.

This year though, I could barely make it out for a walk during my morning coffee without welling up with tears. “You feel it already don’t you?!” A neighbor asked me while we passed one another on the street. The police barriers had just gone up and the streets were eerily quiet. More than confetti and hand-made signs, it was the feeling of the marathon being back on in the city, I couldn’t shake. It felt like an overdue homecoming for and to a life I once knew well. This event comes on the heels of finding out that the children in my kids’ age bracket can get their covid vaccine shots all around the city, but especially right at places they most feel comfortable. “There are school pop-ups!” Friends eagerly filled our group chats. The relief and the jubilation, finally, felt tangible. It was as if I had been holding my breath for so long, and then suddenly, we took a collective exhale.

As the runners went by, we danced to live bands and ran into old friends. There were many tears, and the tightest hug for my friend Sasadi who ran for Every Mother Counts, repeating her mantra, “Every Mile, Every Mother.”

I didn’t run. I can’t run. But to see them zooming by us on the street felt like many of them were also running for and with us. For and with New York City. I am carrying that overwhelming feeling of deep gratitude I received that day with me today and this week.

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Inspiration

  • Reply Leslie-Anne November 10, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    I feel it too. The relief and , dare I say it, hope? Glad to see I’m in good company. All the best to you and your family.

    • Reply latonya November 10, 2021 at 11:47 pm

      Hi Leslie-Anne! Yes, even if just for a day, it was so wonderful to experience it.

      Thank you!

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