Tonight I made a dinner that the kids rated an eight out of ten. It was simple sautéed peppers, cheese and tiny tortillas, with black beans, rice and avocado. We piled the fixings on our tiny tortillas and danced to Sade in our seats. I forgot the candles but it didn’t matter, because the overhead light was dim and outside was dark. I cooked our meal on the same pan I’ve been cooking on for the last two years. This Thanksgiving will be different: I am currently planning a small meal with a wonderful hike and a trip upstate the following morning. Similarly to last year, I am feeling the need to keep it small and close. Things feel tender and wonderful, and my installer at The Mae House believes the kitchen will finally be finished right before the holiday. So there’s much to celebrate in that regard. It feels like enough. It is enough.

In the spirit of what we consume, what provides sustenance (like the kitchen counter) and the family we do get to hug this season here’s my guide for you:

+ An illustrated print showcasing the prettiest seasonal local food to hang in your mother’s kitchen.

+ A seasonal subscription for a fresh grocery harvest from Local Roots for your friend who is a single parent and could use a beautiful lift. Or a subscription for a one on one with custom nutrition and lifestyle plan from Doing Well that works with you wherever you are.

+ Beeswax food wraps to brighten up your leftovers or of course, make your own for your neighbor who brought you warm meals during the worst of it.

+ A left handed spoon for your left handed sister, who is finding her way into a new home and kitchen.

+ A piece of cake candle for a beloved math teacher who acted as if this was true for them during the last two years. We are grateful!

+ Handmade ceramic mug for a friend you wish you could hug.

+ A set of four napkins made of recycled materials for your own table this Christmas.

+ A vegan bib to catch what falls for your newest sweets nephew.

+ A custom photo book with recipes made by little hands for a grandparent’s kitchen

+ A special cookbook and a promise to make more meals together with your partner.

+ A set of three spice blends that includes pine nut and fennel for your cousin who loves experimenting with new foods.

+ A card game that is just as delicious as it is fun to share with the neighbors and their kids

And of course, the privilege to nosh on what we may desire is something many of us are so thankful for this year. If you’d like to forgo a physical gift this year, or you’d like to give in addition to, please consider volunteering or donating to God’s Love We Deliver. God’s Love We Deliver cooks and delivers meals catered to needs for those who are too sick to shop or cook themselves.

When it comes to noshing, anything specific you’re gifting this year?

(Photo, Elle 1996. This post includes affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, we may earn a small commission. As always, thank you for supporting our small business. Graphic by Grace for LY.)

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