Gift Guide: Nestle

In the middle of the day, I ran to the store to get all the warm things that we need to keep us cozy ’till Christmas. It seems that our bones can’t wait.

In that spirit, here’s a Gift Guide and an opportunity to Nestle a bit.

+ A cozy weighted blanket for your partner to make darker evenings after work all the more calmer.

+ The prettiest scarf for your art teacher to make the days of teaching a bit brighter.

+ The softest natural dyed sheets for a friend as encouragement to spend more days sleeping in.

+ A game for your husband from the best relationship expert and a promise to do it together.

+ A childhood classic book to read with your tween.

+ And a book about celebrating cultures and family traditions to read with your grandchild.

+ A card for your cousin who lives an ocean away because WhatsApp fails to convey just how much you miss them.

+ Door hangers for your teen, so that they can communicate their spacial needs a little more effectively.

+ The prettiest little bit of AER for your newly single friend. Bonus: skin care glow drops for the morning after.

+ Mulling spices for your sister-in-law and a promise of a movie and an evening of making together.

+ A dreamy light for your nanny who is always taking care when you’re away.

+ One of the best memoirs of 2021 for your neighbor to read into the new year as a companion and an offering.

+ A calming candle for your dedicated crossing guard who has been lighting the way no matter the weather.

+ Velvet pillows for your favorite stylist as she reopens her doors.

+ A delicious linen spray for your favorite holiday host because THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

+ And a sweet puzzle for yourself as encouragement and pick-me-up this year and next, a little more.

+ Or flowers from your mother’s favorite shop and a sweet budding flower arranging class she can take right from her sofa.

As always, the warmth we find in our arms and homes is a privilege on cold evenings and on warm ones. For the past few years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with WIN who holistically supports families in their need for critical services, programs, shelter, and tools that gives women and families the opportunity to succeed. You can give the gift of a volunteer shift, donate directly, or help fulfill the holiday wishlist of a child that WIN cares for this holiday season.

(This post includes affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, we may earn a small commission. As always, thank you for supporting our small business. Graphic by Grace for LY.)

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