9 Vintage Pieces I Curated For The Mae House!

Over the last several months, I’ve been curating a wonderful vintage selection of furniture and decor for the house. Of all the things, this has been the most exciting aspect! While there is no shortage of new furniture available with the tap of my phone, bringing pieces in the house that hold a story is not only in line with my design perspective, but also with the house and its ethos. After all, it is 131 years old.

The purchases range from a dining table sourced from a high school, to a wonderful radio, and a couch hauled from Brooklyn. As the kids often tell me, “You sure do love your old stuff!” They aren’t wrong.

Here’s a bit more about each item!

The green sofa in the spirit of one I dreamed about from Pinterest many moons ago. It’s small enough, big enough, and comfy enough.

The garden table from Holler & Squall who has delivered plenty of things to the house. They spend their time between upstate and the city as well.

This rattan shelf which was on a curb for $5 in Hudson one rainy afternoon with my friend Alexa. “Just put it in the trunk!” she insisted.

Here’s a little bit for the weird and random category!

This towel rack from Etsy and two wire crates I’ll use for bathroom storage. I also purchased this 1970s Jaru sculpture which is kind of just weird and very funny from Charish. Not sure where it’ll go?

These knobs from Hudson Valley House Parts that we picked up on a wonderful drive up one day. I purchased three pairs, not realizing that I actually had TWO on two bedroom doors already in the same exact color. What are the odds?

This radio I purchased on Etsy from Vasquez Vintage that I’ve been playing non stop. It has a wonky little wire, and is the deepest kind of blue. I’ve been turning on NPR in the day and the local station that plays smooth jazz at night.

Finally, the primary bed frame which Grace and her partner found on the side of the street!

All of these pieces send me for a thrill, and knowing that they get to live on in the house with an entire life already etched into them makes me full and proud of all that’s been done and all that we plan to do. Of course, I could have purchased new and inexpensive things (and don’t fault anyone who does), but in wanting to keep cost low while preserving the integrity of the house and my own style, this has been more than right.

My trick for deciding on bitting the bullet on things:

Don’t look at inspiration photos

Put them in the cart

Give yourself a deadline

Buy them at night

Anything in your home that is a beloved vintage find? I’d love to know!

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One thought on “9 Vintage Pieces I Curated For The Mae House!

  • Reply Claire November 25, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    “You sure do love your old stuff!” Ha ha! My (single) dad was the same with us growing up- he loves antique/consignment/vintage stores, and since he couldn’t leave us alone at home, we always went with him. We’d spend hours looking with him. I learned to love old things, too. Old stuff is the good stuff.

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