The Mae House: Community Den Dreaming

In the gathering room of my dreams candles are lit, music spins, a french bar from a friend sits under the window and lights are dim. I can hear the laughter echoing in the landing space that connects all three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In the daytime the room is well lit. The sun speckles on the wall and you can see the garden below. At night though, the room is the nucleus of what the house could be and should be. Even more than the living room downstairs. 

In these dreams, I imagine, obviously, that more people exist other than my family. For others, the space holds good conversations and several rounds of Goldfish and Spades. These dreams informed the design. Like anything, I could have kept it simple: white walls, maybe a folding bed of some sort. But it felt primary to find not only the purpose for this space, but create its purpose through furniture, color, and art. 

So far, the room is painted and the borders are placed along the walls. The couch’s cover has yet to arrive and still, I can see it. I can almost touch the faces of those who find home —even briefly—in this space.

Here’s a list of just a few things I’m dreaming to put in the space:

+ A record player for evening dancing

+ Vintage wine glasses

+ A projector for evening movies

+ A favorite vintage book as art

+ Lights I can dim

+ Cards we can play

Of all the rooms in the house, this was the one that there was no Pinterest board or tucked photos of what it could be. But I saw it and I see it. How does a community den look for you?

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