Friday’s Inspiration

Happy early Halloween! On the list of things to do tomorrow: finish up some costumes and gather up some candy. I’m so excited to eat all the chocolate at midnight. Last minute I decided to be the rosy very much alive referee to River’s zombie cheerleader and Oak’s zombie football player. It feels fitting! I love dressing up with them every year, and holding to hope that this isn’t the last one they allow.

Here’s what inspired us this week:

+ I am currently consumed by these photographs of Tracee Ellis Ross in Harpar’s Bazaar by Renell Medrano “Self acceptance was hard-won”

+ Wow, these beautiful puzzles for chillier days

+ No time to carve pumpkins before Sunday? No problem!

+ Mae House Dreaming still. But this time, rugs for the mud room that is just sub floor. Which one would you choose? small handblock printed, woven with tassels, farmhouse plaidhandmade jute

+ Woohoo! FDA approval for kids in our age group. A relief to say the least.

+  “Istanbul Municipality officials began tracking his commutes via a microchip and a phone app. Most days he will pass through at least 29 metro stations and take at least two ferry rides. He has learned how and where to get on and off the trains and ferries.”

+ Buy Nothing

Anything inspire you this week?

P.S Halloween looks from the past from us!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Inspiration

  • Reply Veronica October 29, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Loved this all so much Tracee is so amazing and today is her birthday! (She is 49 today!) I really want to get a copy of this issue!!
    I am loving being in on your journey at the Mae house! xoxoxo

  • Reply steph November 2, 2021 at 10:53 am

    i guess i’ve been living under a rock b/c i did not know tracee’s mom is diana ross! she’s so cool and always glowing!
    fall always inspires me. the colors, the style options (favorite to dress for by far). i’m also a a libra so a new year and possibilities/dreams are inspiring action.
    ps. thanks for the pumpkin link! hoping to make some with my niece 🙂

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