Friday’s Inspiration

Tonight we rode our bikes just as the sun began to set. The sky turned a cotton candy pink and was filled with the thickest clouds. River took a few photos, and I asked a family to take ours. We rode home signing as we biked along a closed-off open street. Here’s to a weekend looking up and taking it all in.

Here’s what else inspired me this week:

Have you heard of Noihsaf Bazaar? It’s a community of buyers and sellers curating things from independent and small designers with a great deal of intention. We are obsessed!

NYC is giving every Public School kid $100 as a seed for future college days. This is big!

Officially Soup Season!

I’m searching for pretty additions for The Mae house kitchen: handheldlong broom

You are here (for now)

We wanted to know, how much can we as a society deal with nudity which was produced 100 or 110 years ago?” Mr. Kettner said. Not much, as it turned out.

From me: Lessons in driving and liberation

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