Friday’s Inspiration

How was your week? It felt like the last bang of late summer weather in fall. Looking ahead, the days are significantly cooler. The colorful leaves are on the ground. It is the sweet spot of New York City autumn and I’m searching picturesque hikes that amplify that beauty. Later today I’m taking my first driving class in years. YEARS. I am nervous and ready, and so surprised by how ready I feel to enter this layered portion of my life. I am taking the classes upstate, a place where the roads are narrow, but the traffic is slim to none.

Earlier this week, we revealed the cover for my new children’s book, The Hair Book. I am so grateful for all of the support and love for it.

Here’s what inspired me this week:

New York City Public Library changed their fine policy!

Portraits stitched together on the subway

The Cage shoe is a favorite

Did someone say Cozy Socks Season?

Finding solace in Hawai’i

“Because as normalized as divorce has become within society as a whole, it has been denormalized for people in Blue marriages. It is a different stigma than when it was frowned upon for religious or moral reasons, but it is a stigma nonetheless. Within this larger polarized conception of marriage, divorce has become something that people unlike you do; like being unable to conceive, it is an identity-smasher. And for people who considered their route to marriage and/or parenthood to be well-reasoned — and, depending on your family history, the opposite of what others in your life did — it can feel like a real failure, of foresight and wisdom and perseverance, for it to fall apart.”

Soothing photography

P.S you can pre-order The Hair Book right this way!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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