Friday’s Inspiration

How was your week? We are headed upstate for the weekend to do some light renovation work with a friend. We’ll carve out time to play in the grass, and I’m searching for light fall jackets for the kids to wear, as the temperatures upstate are drastically lower than the city. These days, I’m inspired by music and shorter and longer (in a sense) days.

Here’s what else inspired me this week:

“A watershed moment for American operaā€¯

Second hand jacket shopping right this way

It’s never too late to publish a debut book

When you stay at a rental, what makes it special? Today I thought about music, and went searching for a radio.

A conversation I had with Elle on writing, work, and what I’m wearing.

A fall pick to reread for Hispanic Heritage month: The House On Mango Street

I always love when two people with entirely different decor personalities find a way to make it work.

Photograph via Salter House

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