The Two Fall Lipsticks In My Bag (No Matter Where I Go)

Tomorrow is the first day of fall over on this side of the world. Unlike previous years, I’m not obsessing over the latest cardigan, or trench to get me through the seasons. It seems utterly impossible with the high in New York City reaching a low 80s for much of the week. 

However, there are other things I am considering, like what lipstick I’ll be applying daily. Although I still wear my mask on crowded streets, inside stores, trains, and other mandated (and unmandated) places, I think I’ve gotten the lipstick while mask wearing down to my very own science. I want it on, but light enough it doesn’t rub too much. Matte always works better, but not necessarily if I’m putting it on and off and on and off all day long. For those days where the time of wear is clearer, I go for color with just a little bit of shine. 

Lately, at school drop off, Oak has been commenting on my outfits as we make our way. River chimes in too. I know that my choice of lipstick will be no exception. Today, they were even confused about why I put on perfume (Le Labo Santal perfume oil, typically) so early in the morning. Ha! As if it’s ever too early to look good, smell good, or just simply, feel good. 

My trip to Berlin a few weeks back proved the perfect opportunity to give my lipstick colors a test run. The days were about 10 degrees chillier than New York. My jacket was tucked in my bag. My mask twisted around my wrist for wear. 

The first color is a warm pink called Undone. I love it because although it looks truly pink on others, its more of a natural with my lip color. You can get a few sizes, but this bite-size version of lipstick for smaller bags is quite handy.

Although the second one is darker, it’s the perfect addition for a daytime look. Especially if blotted a few times over. It’s called Darkroom and has a purplish red tone to it.

The cool think about these lipsticks in particular is that they mix natural ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil in their products, that focus on the care of the lips along with the color.

Would love to hear about the lipstick (if any) you’ll be wearing this fall!

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3 thoughts on “The Two Fall Lipsticks In My Bag (No Matter Where I Go)

  • Reply Ceridwen September 22, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    Both shades look so beautiful on you! And thanks for the tips for wearing lipstick under a mask. My NY resolution 2019 for 2020 was “to be a casual lipstick wearer”. Masks kind of ruined that! But been good to practise at home and playing with different colours.

    • Reply latonya September 24, 2021 at 4:40 pm

      Hi Ceridwen,

      I also played around with them for a bit before wearing! Thank you! Happy wearing back to you!

  • Reply Jay October 5, 2021 at 12:30 pm

    HENNÉ Organics Lip Tints are amazing!

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