Friday’s Inspiration: Serendipity

Have you had any moments or things happen that you can only describe as serendipitous? 

Lately, that’s been happening quite often to me, and it’s been strange and welcomed. There are too many instances to write this evening, but one that is worth mentioning goes like this: I handed in my book on Thursday morning! It will need tons of love and editing, as all books do. I’ve spent the last nine months with it as it has become this other thing, which has been challenging and special. I have grown and learned so much, and I am enjoying feeling like I am open to learning and growing even more. Once I handed it in, we headed upstate to really handle some things before some light construction happens. The electrician has been hanging lights, and it’s made such a difference. But as soon as I got there, I found out that something else was official…

My first children’s book!

I co-authored it with Amanda Jane Jones! It has been a lovely project to work on in addition to everything else (wild!) for the last few months as well. Children’s books are different than adult books, in that they are typically finished when sold. So while we are just announcing the sale, we’ve been working with the publisher and one another for some time.

The book is titled The Hair Book, and is an inclusive board book and picture book highlighting that regardless of hair texture, style, or covering, you’re welcome anywhere. For so many reasons that I don’t have to say, this book is meaningful, special, and right on time. It has been daunting watching the news and raising children, and at times wondering what to do. While there’s always organizations to support and advocate for, writing these books that open, shift, and now, can send messages to young people, is something that I find incredibly important (and feel thankful to do). I’m excited to share more with you on that front as well. 

Since handing in my big book, I’ve felt like I’ve given birth in a sense. I am rattling, dizzied with excitement. There’s a fog, that’s reminiscent of those early first six months, too. Isn’t it so crazy how wrapped up and attached we can get to a project?

When we got back from upstate, I ran to a lunch on top of The Brooklyn Grange, where I sat next to some pretty wonderful women (including the grange’s founder) who were all working, moving, and opening up about learning and letting folks from the BIPOC community lead, as they should. It was like some message from the earth that I was where I needed to be.

The kids decided that celebrating tonight means a cuddle in my bed, and I am relieved and excited, to say the least. I’m going to take the weekend to rest and replenish a bit. But I am so inspired by serendipitous moments. 

Here’s what else inspired me this week:


Meals Worth Not Notting and other things

These wavy candles are so unique!

Peter Aldington’s house is stunning

Other book things:

I gave a blurb for Weekday Vegetarians, which is an amazing source

And I am in Between The Lines by Subway Book Review, which I’m so excited to read!

One way to help Haitian asylum seekers (they’re doing work on the ground at the border)

Mabo’s newest FW21 collection is perfect! And the photographs are even better.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  • Reply Ceridwen September 29, 2021 at 6:33 pm

    Congratulations on your books!!

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