Friday’s Inspiration

Hey, how was your week? We had our first full week of school! AND the first draft of my book is due, it’s been nice getting to work while they’ve been getting to work in their own way. While I know there’s so much work left to be done, seeing the finish line is gratifying. Any tips on getting over that last minute project itch? Like, oh gosh, I am never going to get this done (when you are really soooo close), I’m all ears!

In the meantime, here’s what inspired me this week.

I have had this top photo saved in The Mae House mood board forever. There’s just something about the house entirely.

My-so-called thot year. Completely engrossed.

Cats and Domino brought me so much joy. Now I have to try with St. James and Langston.

Carmela makes a special gift for kids I know.

TW: Simone Biles on the crisis of abuse on PBS

A climate opera has arrived in NYC. Although tickets are sold out, keep your eyes on more.

Always The Gold Sandal

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