Friday’s Inspiration

How’s your week going? I love this candid joyful photograph by friend, Nicole snapped of me last week. Currently, I’m listening to jazz and sipping orange wine under a whirling fan. I’ve been writing like crazy, because I’m on a deadline (early September). Even though it’s a bit tough, I do feel like I work good under pressure. It reminds me of college days. I’m inspired by breaks listening to the birds, good music, good food, ferry rides and art I’ve had the chance to take in this week.

Here’s what else inspired me:

Composting is BACK IN NYC! And tell me your best country inexpensive compost secrets please.

Very excited to wear this top with my favorite high-rise shorts.

“a real lingering fatigue, like second-day soreness after a hard workout that you just can’t shake.”

Any books on your list for the last month of summer? Our photographer shared this fantastic book and we immediately picked it up!

The only woman drafted by a NBA team!


All the colors of Toni, if you’re just starting out.

As always, thank you for being here!

P.S we are getting our September editorial calendar together. Anything you want to see, read, or know? We’re also looking for some new voices to add to the space.

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