Try This: An Easy DIY Tapestry

When it comes to renovations, the questions are endless. This is true whether you’re renting (and doing things with the consent of your landlord) or you own, and having your way. Of course, the large and most notable difference is extended cost. When considering creating anything for my apartment, I almost never considered the impact it made on the overall overhead of the house. Although, I cared about how much it required of my immediate budget. 

These days, every single decision seems as if it leads to a bigger choice. A bigger choice that leads into a larger budget pool. And more often than not, I am wishing I had more hours in the days to perform DIY renovation projects and do away with contractors all together. Although this isn’t in the cards for me, what I can do are small design projects that make a big difference. These projects promise a low bankroll, while also being things that can be tasked to a single grown-up within an hour. 

Recently, when considering art to adorn The Mae House, Grace and I discussed easy tapestries that I saw on an instagram post (where I do all of my home-improvement research ha!). I can’t remember the source (I will try and find her and link), but I couldn’t help but think about how easy and unique of a project a DIY tapestry becomes. It not only allows you something sweet to put in an empty corner that needs a TLC, it gives the mind and body an opportunity to tackle something within arms length, when more often than not, other projects feel as if they aren’t. 

Grace took this on and here’s a quick step by step if you’re looking for a beautiful piece of homemade art for your home this summer…

+ Pull together the materials you’ll need. 

We used a paintbrush (similar)

acrylic paints (similar)


a wooden dowel

a hot glue gun (similar)

and twine (similar).

+ Cut the canvas to your ideal size (and reimagine what the remaining canvass can do!).

+Sketch. We sketched out ideas for the design on paper first. Once you’re happy with your design, lightly pencil it directly onto the canvas. “For this design, I was inspired by organic shapes, the Catskill mountains, and, of course, The Mae House.” Says, Grace.

+ Paint outside the lines and in. So here’s where it gets fun: you don’t have to be perfect! Paint your desired colors and sketches, and even if it isn’t perfect, this kind of tapestry design still looks wonderful with slight mishaps.

+ Decisions Continue…. Next, you can decide whether you want to paint the dowel. I chose to paint this one black.

+ Slow race to finish line. Once everything is dry, attach the canvas to the dowel by hot gluing along the edge. Make sure the canvas is neatly centered on the dowel! Go slowly and fold the edge over the dowel, to keep the front of the canvas clean and smooth.

Attach the twine to either end of the dowel and hang!

Et Voila! I ironed mine out afterwards, but left a little wrinkle in the corner. It feels like a map_a stretch of time. A place I know, a place I hope to go. Or just plain good art, if you’re not in the mood to fantasize with me.

I always appreciate finding simple ways to add unique design aspects in this space and in any space, really. It’s always a welcomed relief to realize you can make a small change with little money, little time, and with your family, if you choose.

Outside of this, I’m leaning on my own printed archives of photographs to use on empty walls in the house. Any DIY art projects of your own? I’m in the wild research mode of design still!

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