Friday’s Inspiration

How are you feeling lately? While upstate I noticed my anxiety was basically non-existent. I was able to be with what I had to do each day—even if the to-do felt exponential. I’ve been thinking about it over the last few hours now that we are back in the city.

What do I need to keep doing?

What can I take with me? etc.

While up there, we swam in a creek and the water felt soft and crisp. The kids took a little coaxing, but eventually went in, dipped their heads, and dug their toes in the dark sand. I am inspired by their willingness to try something new.

Here are a 8 other things that inspired me this week:

You can be shy and still be a CEO

Simone Biles and “the world is stunned when Black women put themselves first. Black women aren’t obligated to live a back burner existence.”

Wallpaper dreams come true, because I’m on the hunt

A blanket created using leftover archival textiles to adorn tables or land.

The Magic Of Black Girls Play

I have been dreaming about the scenes from Bode’s ss/fw 21 collection. Aren’t they beautiful?

Add to your list: Mona Chalabi x The Climate Museum

Cats are your (and Scientists) best friends.

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