Friday’s Inspiration

How’s the weekend feeling these days? For me, they swim slightly less-so with the week. I have a list of three things I really want to get done by end of weekend. True weekend projects to focus on in-between the hours. I’ve been deep diving into stories lately, and find myself enamored with nature.

Here’s what else, inspired me this week:

“Trouble in mind, I’m blue/But I won’t be blue always/’Cause the sun is gonna shine/In my backdoor some day.” 

And her childhood home where she taught herself to play the piano at 3.

Evidence shows, responding with care works.

Already have an Oak, but for the past six months I’ve been using Acorn (a super easy app) to invest (I know!) a little. Have you heard of it?

Kraft Mac & Cheese is winning, apparently!

Not sure how I am still doing about a load a day still? But we need all the baskets aka a collection crew.

“…there are less trees in poorer neighborhoods and that just reinforces existing health inequalities. The study concluded that planting trees consistently across an entire city (poor *and* rich areas) can help to prevent “green gentrification”.

This is not a small voice
you hear               this is a large
voice coming out of these cities.
This is the voice of LaTanya.
Kadesha. Shaniqua. This
is the voice of Antoine.
Darryl. Shaquille.
Running over waters
navigating the hallways
of our schools spilling out
on the corners of our cities and
no epitaphs spill out of their river mouths.


Sonia Sanchez

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