The Mae House: Garden Dreaming

The cat licks his foot pads, the kids sleep to the sound of a machine, the laundry drips and taps on the board and I dream. Half of owning a home and designing it is dreaming. I often wish that the details—the numbers and measurements —would soak in my head so I’ll learn more than a thing or two. But in reality, my head is off somewhere creating, scheming, etching out corners to make dreams truth. There’s a lot to be skeptical about when it comes to dreams, but I have never had one that in some way, shape, or form, didn’t provide.

While the rest of the house is slowly being planned a bit more, I’ve been focused on the garden I can’t yet plant, but can surely plan.

When I consider the space, here are a few things and their stories:

An apron for getting dirty in the garden and in the kitchen.

Organic NON GMO Wildflower seeds for fall planting and a visit to Red Hook Farms, an agricultural youth food-justice program.

A copper watering can for in and out. And relaxing view of Clementine Hunter Wash.

Bright and happy red Birkenstocks for seeing painted toes in contrast with the brightest grass.

Vintage tool boxes to be carried around to fix new and old things by yourself and vintage garden tools to accompany them.

Purple gloves that feel like second skin and spray for keeping bugs off of it.

Of course, there are garden beds we are still designing and string lights I am planning on hanging in a bit.

Anything for your own garden dreams?

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