12 Posts To Pass The Time. 3 Quick Things. And Be Right Back!

Hey, how was your weekend? I landed in Berlin the other day as the kids began their days at their favorite outdoors camp in Brooklyn. I’m excited to get back to them (already) to squeeze their cheeks, look at their polaroid photos, and smell their sweet and salty summer necks. After spending so much time together, It was one of the hardest, for sure. I keep reminding myself that we’ll all be good for it in the end.

I am spending my days writing my book and working on house plans from a distance to keep me more than busy. I’ll be back July 6th with new posts, a plenty! In the meantime, here are a few we’ve gathered to help pass the time.


Little Letters As Layers

What To Wear When: Riding A Bike

What To Wear When: It’s 90 Degrees


3 Summer Games I Want To Play With My Daughter

Summer Words

What Made Your Last Trip Special?


Avocado Pesto, with asparagus and pea shoots

5 Things To Do Alone In The City

Traveling To Heal What Was Lost


What Rituals Have You Inherited

5 Small Well-Being Adjustments to Repeat

Swimming: A Daydream Reimagined

How do you leave even when you know it’s completely necessary? Sending you so much love wherever you are!

P.S Three quick things:

we’ve updated the shop if you care to look at a few things we’re loving this summer.

I couldn’t stop listening to this new album on the plane.

I took this photograph at the lake today, it is so beautiful how they got so close and are generally unconcerned by human presence.

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