Friday’s Inspiration

This week, I’m inspired by the relief of good conversations, late dinners, and a future dancer practicing for a long awaited show in the next room. I am feeling lighter at the mere thought of turning on the OOO message for a week as the kids finish their school year because of a dear friend. Until then, here’s what else I am inspired by this week:

Shakespeare in the park is back (and possibly better than ever!)

Photographs of When NYC Woke Up

Fire Island’s Cherry Grove as a Gay Sanctuary

Timeless oscillation during heat waves wearing mostly nothing.

Woolen lemons in miniature kitchens. Yum!

A Summer Read: Somebody’s Daughter

I’m going back to Berlin soon and thrilled to see Beautiful Disruption in person.


P.S I wrote a piece for the June issue of Parents Magazine on the joy of my children learning to swim. You can read it on newsstands now or over on their site this way. And if you’re interested in other things I’m writing, you can sign up for bi-weekly love letters on With Love, L.

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