Friday’s Inspiration

How was your short week?

I always get a little confused and turned around when there’s a holiday Monday. It’s so strange! We had a huge storm that came with intense wind and wild rain a few hours ago. I was sure the electricity would go out and this post wouldn’t make it to you. But the storm has passed, the lights and internet remain on. Time to take a long walk with kiddos and prepare for a very hot weekend, but first, here’s what’s inspired me this week:

I started watching High On The Hog, a Netflix series created in the spirit of Jessica B. Harris’ eponymous book. It dives into the history of African food, and how it transformed what we now know as America.

This colorful linen Beach blanket that I am looking forward to having tag along with me for our beach days.

Wishing you a very HAPPY PRIDE! Here are some ways to celebrate in NYC (because it never left).

The Mae House… more soon!

An illustrated series celebrating the people and scenes around the Pilsen neighborhood. An artist’s focus on Mental Health.

Wraparound-ties, perfect blue, summer shoes

Stop Insulting Your Body

Redux: The Modest Watercolor (without the paywall this week only)

If you’re signed up for my bi-weekly letters, some news: We Switched To Substack! For so many reasons, it made sense to switch the hosting platform. There you can read the letters mostly for free and engage with me and other community members with comments and likes. I have a surprise guest Sunday and lots of big news too.

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