What To Wear When: It’s Your First Night Out

Yesterday afternoon I sat at a two-seater table that hung over the sidewalk. At first, it was to meet a new but very evolved member of my team, Grace (our Editorial Associate) to go over things we missed and things to do. She cracked open her green notebook, and of course, I left mine at home. We blew through French Fries and riddled down our list word by word, bite by bite. We decided it felt almost like Friday and the meeting was running into the early evening, so we celebrated some things with cocktails to add a bit of spice and celebration to the conversation. 

Before we officially ended, someone else I loved showed up, hot and sweaty and also in need of a cool glass of something bubbly. Grace left, and we made plans for today. We sat down and caught up about our days. Thirty minutes later, my sister called and said she was in the neighborhood. And once again, there was someone beautifully dressed and in need for a cool drink. So they switched out, she gave me a present she had been meaning to pass along, and we ordered more things to keep cool. The sidewalk buzzed, the tables didn’t rotate as much as we did. The energy was thrilling and then, of course, I saw someone else I love. Someone I love without truly knowing them, just because I appreciate and love what they do. Instead of switching seats, I got out of mine, gave the tightest hug (twice) and we chatted on that buzzing sidewalk. 

Last night was wild in New York City. But more importantly, it was wildly necessary. Those rotating hugs, reconnections, squishing everything under the sun within minutes, only to have more and some more to say. 

I know we are lucky. The sun is out. The people are loud and fast like they once were. And the sweetest of all, the outfits and all their ways are BACK.

What are you wearing? Who are you seeing? Hugging? Totally kissing?

I’m wearing a Mara Hoffman dress, Vintage Coach boots, and a vintage blazer (my grandmother’s), I borrowed this insanely epic Gucci purse from my photographer, Kelsey (!!)

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2 thoughts on “What To Wear When: It’s Your First Night Out

  • Reply Samantha May 28, 2021 at 11:25 am

    Your look exudes joy, playfulness, and spring. I am about to transition from a rural place to a city, and this post about seeing people out and about (!!) gives me lots of hope and excitement!

    • Reply latonya May 28, 2021 at 6:16 pm

      Ahh, Samantha, so exciting! Hoping you get to see, hug, and be seen in wonderful looks very soon. Thank you for the sweet note!

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