Friday’s Inspiration

Just popping in to wishing you all (and the people in your lives) a very Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being here as I have mothered my two kiddos and shared what I could online with you. I appreciate it!

Here’s what inspired me this week:

A city of diagrams

wow, dynamic noodles!

“Our society has made the colossal error of allowing wealth to purchase the chance to make quasi-governmental decisions as a private citizen,” 

In love with this off the shoulder bodysuit.

But now, in my late middle age, the check mark serves a different purpose: It is the visible symbol of my realization that who I am is defined by what I do. I am a writer, so I write every day. Maybe you are a writer, too. Maybe you are not. The point still stands. The check mark is more important than whatever comes of the daily work whose completion you’re marking. The first represents actual living; the second, merely a life.

A seasonal curated update

In Our Mother’s Gardens

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