7 Things I Imagined

Hey, how are you doing lately? How are you feeling? I just wanted to pop in and check in. Things are good over here. I’ve been spending a good portion of it dreaming for one day planning. I’m getting ahead, and taking one step back. I dream of using the kids’ watercolors in the backyard to paint something beautiful that won’t leave my dreams, but time keeps slipping. I’m not a painter. There is tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

If you’re like me and spending any day (or all of the days) imagining in your not-so spare time, then this post may resonate with you. Here are 7 things I imagined (or saved).

Giles Moberly

Villa Necchi Campiglio

Victoria Manalo Draves



Each of these photographs speak to me, and together, they feel like they’re a nod to something larger and many things, at once. Are you finding ways to get inspired (or stay inspired), these day

(Top photograph of Tasha Tudor’s garden )

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